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In shot put, a track and field event that involves throwing a metal ball known as a shot, participants compete to achieve the longest throw distance. Requiring a mix of technique, muscle and focus, this highly competitive event is difficult to master. The first known events resembling the modern shot put likely occurred in the middle ages when soldiers held competitions in which they hurled. For example, a 50 high school boys shotputter should be able to throw 45 with the 14 pound shot put and 55 with the 10pound shot put. The shot should be placed underneath the side of the jaw in front of the ear the hand presses the shot into the neck to support it in this. Depending on the age of the player, the size and weight of the shot is different.

Shot put is a throwing event of track and field competitions. In this tutorial, we will discuss the basic techniques and playing methods of shot put. Each athlete threw from a wooden square, and could only stand to throw. Techniqq, g g,ue, teaching progressions, and drills mike. Shot put simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is normally about 34 high and 14 thick and is constructed of four metal arcs that connect to make the circle. The putting action is best described as shoving the shot, because the rules require that the arm may not extend behind the shoulders during the putting action. The shot is thrown with a pushing action, with one hand. As of june 21, 2009, 51 world records have been ratified by the iaaf in the event. Both athletes in this case study are using the glide technique. Teaching the arm strike this is probably the most undercoached area of the throw. Mondo duplantis 10 year pole vault progression short version. Apr 24, 2012 video giving some history on the track and field event, the shot put.

The aim is to throw the shot put as far as possible through a pushing action. In fact, the unusually heavy ball called a shot requires specific throwing techniques to avoid injury. The shot put toe board or stop board is 10 centimeters high and measures 1. The first world record in the mens shot put was recognised by the international association of athletics federations in 1912. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. The shot put is a track and field event involving putting pushing rather than throwing a heavy spherical ballthe shot as far as possible. The throw must end within a designated landing area formed by a 35degree sector formed by two radii of a circle with its center coincident with the center of the shot put circle. Press second consecutive olympic shot put title 19681020 margitta gummel of east germany throws world record 19. The first to use a shot cannon ball instead of a stone competitively were british military sports groups. The shot is held at the base of the fingers, not the palm. The weight of the shot for an adult shot put competition is 7. The shot should be balanced in the fingers and should come to rest where the fingers meet the palm. Although you need strength to throw a shot put, technique and form are much more important than muscle definition. Shot put was an original modern olympic event, with american robert garrett winning at the athens games in 1896.

The shot must be placed close to the neck and resting on the shoulder, while keeping it in that position the entire time until it is released. A throw will be called a foul in the following circumstances. Did you know the rotational technique now used by many of the worlds top throwers was first popularised by soviet thrower aleksandr baryshnikov in the early 1970s after being invented by his coach viktor alexeyev. It requires immense muscular strength and a good balance upon your body. To analyse the shot put technique of two olympic level female heptathletes. The fingers are slightly spread apart with the thumb for support. A simplified explanation of the basic rules of shot put. Shot put was originally used in the olympics to see who was the strongest athlete. When an athletes name is announced, he or she will be having only 60 seconds to commence the throwing motion. No better reference for the shot put event currently exists on the market. The shot put competition for men has been a part of the modern olympics since their revival in 1896, and womens competition began in 1948.

Jun 11, 2019 the shot put is a track and field event dating back to greek times. Shot put competitions were recorded in early 19th century scotland and were a part of the british amateur championships beginning in 1866. In fact, soldiers in the middle ages competed by tossing cannonballs. Various stone or weightthrowing events date back more than 2000 years in the british isles. The thumb rests on the side of the shot put for control.

Two different techniques are employed by shot putters to deliver the shot. Two putting styles are in current general use by shot put competitors. Basic shot put technique shot put learnbydoing by mark harsha, portage high school girls head coach. Get in the proper stance by stepping back with one foot and lowering your body so that your knees and hips are bent. Indoor shot put balls are great for practicing your skills at any time of year. The athlete does not pause before the throwing action within the circle. The shot put is a track and field event involving putting pushing rather than throwing a heavy spherical ballthe shotas far as possible. Rio 2016, athletics, shot put, men, united states of america. Jul 29, 2015 history of shot put the ancient greeks threw stones as a sport and soldiers are recorded as throwing cannon balls in the middle ages but a version of the modern form of the discipline can be traced to the highland games in scotland during the 19th century where competitors threw a rounded cube, stone or metal weight from behind a line. Generally, there is a 10% difference in performance between the standard and lightheavy implements listed. The shot put has been an olympic event since the first modern olympics in 1896 in rome.

The first known events resembling the modern shot put likely occurred in the middle ages when soldiers held competitions in which they hurled cannonballs. Reach your potential with great coaching, sound fundamentals, hours in the gym and topquality shot put equipment from this large collection. Its a sport that requires technique as well as strength, and changes in throwing style have since led to significant gains in the power of the thrower and the distances achieved. It is propelled by way of pushing, rather than by throwing. Homer, a great ancient greek poet and the author of epic poems like lliad and odyssey, had mentioned the competition of throwing stones by the soldiers during the siege of troy. Shot put, sport in athletics track and field in which a spherical weight is thrown, or put, from the shoulder for distance. The fingers should be evenly spread but still close together.

Jan 25, 20 shot put image courtesy of sangudoflickr. A database of over 300 throws was created with information compiled of shot puts from both genders at both elite and nonelite levels. Ryan crouser of the united states of america celebrates winning gold and setting a new olympic record of 22. The objective here is to throw a spherical dense object as far as possible through a pushing action. Lower the shot straight down until it is under your jaw. The hand will be bent back in the cocked position when holding the shot. Historians depict that the first hint of this sport was. A brief history of shot put historians depict that the first hint of this sport was seen in scottish highland during the first century. History discus throw the sport of discus throwing dates back to. It derives from the ancient sport of putting the stone. His success as a thrower is attributed to the rotational style of throwing known as the spin, which was first introduced in 1976 by american shot putter brian oldfield.

The mens world record for the shot is 23 meters, 12 centimeters or 75 feet and 10 inches, and is held by american randy barnes, as of 2010. Shot put is one of those few track and field events that is present since the inception of modern olympic games. The athlete must not put a foot past the toe board, or it is a disqualification. Shot put is often included in high school and college track and field events as well as amateur and professional competitions and the olympic games. The athlete is unable to commence the throw within 60 sec of calling his name. For safety purpose, the players can tape their fingers. Shot put officiating rules district school board of niagara. The two main methods used in shot put are the spin and the glide.

Athletes will commonly throw four or six times per competition. The shot is put with one hand only, must be in contact the athletes shoulder at the beginning of the put and thereafter must not drop below the athletes shoulder before the shot is released. Shot put is played with a heavy spherical object popularly known as shot. The distances by these men were accomplished with a 16pound shot. The current mens shot put world record holder is randy barnes of the usa, who had an outdoor throw of 23.

Because of the weight of the ball this is done with a pushing motion rather than a throwing motion. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the athlete with the nextbest effort. No human resembles a cannon more than a shot putter. Perry v osullivan final frame 2017 masters duration. A training program has to be developed to meet the individual needs of the athlete and take into consideration many factors. Nov 16, 2018 the shot put has been an olympic event since the first modern olympics in 1896 in rome. The shot put is a track and field event involving putting pushing rather than throwing a heavy. The shot put is primarily a strength event, but the technique used to generate the efficient and powerful movement of the athlete in the throwing circle will usually determine success. The rules of the shot put are governed by iaaf international association of athletic association and wma world masters athletic. Glide shot put teaching progression holding the shot put place the shot in the base of the fingers. The athlete holds the shot below the shoulder level or outside its vertical level. The shot put is a track and field event involving putting pushing rather than throwing a heavy spherical ball the shot as far as possible.

Fibreglass foot blocks for shot put throwing in accordance to iaaf rules. The distance thrown is measured from the inside of the circumference of the circle to the nearest mark made in the ground by the falling shot. Its a sport that requires technique as well as strength, and changes in. Larry judge and mike young have spent much of their professional careers studying the fundamentals and techniques involved in successfully throwing the shot. Shotput competitions are being held in olympic games for. The aim is to put it as far as possible from a sevenfoot diameter 2.

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